Direct mailers are still an effective way to engage with your audience. Use detailed targeting to get your message right into the home of the right people.

Design Phase

Print Phase

Mailing Phase

Here’s What Our Process Look Like?

It starts with talking to our Avid rep who will ask you questions to find out what the right styling for your brand includes. We will then come back to you with drafts of your feedback and input until we’ve got the perfect look for your mailer. Once the design is decided it goes to print. We can adjust the size of the mailers & the paper types depending on your style to again make sure the mailer is sending the right branding and message to your potential customers. Once the mailer is printed we take care of the rest. You just sit back and watch what happens next!  

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We are a full service marketing agency. We can help you develop a

Every Door Direct Mailers (EDDM)

When your product/service needs to reach as many people as possible within an area, go with EDDM. Get as wide and as thorough a saturation as you can with this mailing style.

Targeted Direct Mailers

Make sure your mailers are only going to the right households. Be precise and intentional with your placements and narrow your delivery by age, income, marital status, home-ownership, and/or much more.

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I know what you’re thinking, “But there are so many different agencies in the area. Why should we work with Avidsphere?” Well to start here’s a look at some of our experience.


Satisfied Customers


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5+ Year Client Retension

A Satisfied customer is the Best business strats

Still not convinced? Well you’re a tough case. How about some testimonials from some of our clients?

We can not say enough about Josh and Craig. We have worked closely with them for many years. We have seen the value in their services in how they have helped us grow our company utilizing their marketing techniques. Avidsphere is innovative and works well with our whole team! A lot of the time marketing for a construction company is  trial and error, but many of the things we have tried have been successful, specifically geofencing target areas and utilizing email campaigns to keep old customers up to date and gain new ones as well. Avidsphere has proven to be a great asset to our company, as well as Josh and Craig in particular. We highly recommend them for all of your marketing and print needs! has developed a great partnership with Avidsphere over the last 5 years. Their talented team of marketers provide support with social media management and print advertisements to expand our local business and engage our customers through high-quality creative and consistent, compelling messaging. We appreciate their attention to detail, creative approach, and dedication to supporting the growth of our local delivery service. If you are looking for a skilled team to grow your traditional and digital footprint, I would highly recommend contacting Josh Landis for your marketing needs.

We enjoy doing business with AvidSphere because they understand our needs and continually deliver the highest quality print and digital services, at fair prices. Their team always makes us feel valued and after years of consistent positive experiences, I feel confident recommending them to everyone! – Ashley E, Marketing Director
Avidsphere is an absolute joy to work with! Their ad work is gorgeous and they go above and beyond at every interaction. They are my favorite company to advertise with since they just make everything so easy on me. I give them a few directions and then they exceed my expectations every time. We also get a bunch of work from their ads since they have a very unique product offering. If you are looking for “the company” it’s Avidsphere. You won’t be disappointed! – Brandi
We have worked with AvidSphere for over 5 years.  What started as working with Pete to run ads on their monthly mailers has grown into them handling our website, social media and print.  We have recently started using them for geofencing too.  They have helped us grow our business and for that we are grateful.  – Sam K
I have been using this company for my direct mailers for years and it has helped my business tremendously!!
I cant say enough about Josh and the rest of the company and how professional and quick they are!
My business has greatly increased and i highly recommend them for your business!
Avidsphere has always come up with fun and exciting ways for us to market our restaurant in a highly competitive market. Very responsive and always looking for ways to help us improve! – Bob
We are extremely satisfied with the design, professionalism, and prompt service we have received.  – Frank B
We love working with AvidSphere for all of our print needs at Fiorentino’s & Sandwich Factory.  I love working with local companies and their service, quality and prices are exceptional.  – Eric
We consistently see our coupons come through the door. Paul made the process simple and seamless. Very happy with the ROI.
We have run our ad on every mailer since it came to this area a few years ago. We loved the layout and look of the mailer when we first saw it, and we’re pleased to see the results were there once we committed. Paul is always responsive and easy to reach.
I have been very satisfied with the amount of coupons I see come back to my business every month. Paul is always available and takes the time to come to my business whenever I have a question or need to change to my ad.  I was surprised to see the affordability of the other print products. I recently placed a print order, and not surprisingly I am very pleased with how easy it has been.

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